This week (Sept 30) at Crooked Beak Audio

Well, it has been a week since we launched Crooked Beak Audio! And what a wild week it has been! So what is going on?

First, we have started work on the scripts for Jonny Quest the Audio Drama, season 2! This show is going to be featured at Broken Sea Audio Productions (BSAP). The writing schedule is demanding, but definitely doable. Look for audition calls on BSAP’s site sometime in late 2017!

Second, all the lines are all in for  another original audio drama, On Edge, written by yours truly. Crooked Beak Audio is also doing the engineering for this show. The show is currently under review/revision process now and should be out VERY soon. This show will be featured at Circus-13 Productions, so watch for announcements there.

Third, I appeared on a live podcast of Cold Reads (link to the YouTube show embedded in the title) with fabulous host, Laura Nicole.  This is a show where voice actors cold-read stories live. The short stories read for this podcast were two original ones I wrote. The stories were wonderfully performed by the cast of Janra Roberts, Marleigh Norton, the host and a small bit by me. Had a great time – you should definitely check out her show!

WHAT? You want more?

Well, we are actively working on scripts for two other projects, both original works. Also in the works are tips for aspiring script writers, a Facebook page, and some Crooked Beak Audio swag!

I will try to keep you updated on what’s happening weekly, as it also helps me keep the small writing goblins in my brain functioning when I try to slow down.

Look for more voices from another world soon from Crooked Beak Audio!

Alan A. Spencer
Chief Bartender and Writer at Crooked Beak Audio

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