This Week (Oct 7) at Crooked Beak Audio

Well we not only pushed out the door our first completed project, but it is up and published on the web as well! Go take a listen at Circus-13 Productions – On Edge.

This is a milestone for Crooked Beak Audio as it is the first release of material under the group’s moniker. But I din’t do this alone. I want to thank the whole cast, Morte McAdaver, Sarah Spencer, Kim Gianopoulos, David Sobkowiak, Timm Gillick, and Emilie Gillick. And especially Timm (owner and producer at Circus-13 Productions) for his help, support, and encouragement.

So – this coming week we delve back in deep into script writing. And I will make it a “must” to get the Crooked Beak Audio Facebook page a reality.

Look for more voices from another world soon from Crooked Beak Audio!

Alan A. Spencer
Chief Bartender and Writer at Crooked Beak Audio