Crooked Beak Audio is an audio production company.

(From Alan A. Spencer, owner of Crooked Beak Audio)

Crooked Beak Audio was created to be my outlet for audio drama works. I am a writer by heart, a voice actor by training (or for lack of actors/actresses), and an audio engineer by requirement of these works. But mainly, a writer.

If the audio drama community as a whole really blossomed in requested shows/participation,  then Crooked Beak Audio would love to host it’s own shows. But there are other great audio production groups that already do that extremely well with their own devoted following. So for the most part, Crooked Beak Audio would be in association with these other production groups.

I have learned a few small things that may help the aspiring writer, engineer, voice actor that I will be adding to this site in a helpful hints area. That is an area not so greatly covered by other groups that I look forward to adding soon.

Meanwhile, get some comfortable ear-buds, headphones, or great speakers. Because there is some great audio dramas headed your way.

Thanks for listening,
Alan A’Dale Spencer