Audio Drama Production Groups

Crooked Beak Audio is an audio production company.

While Crooked Beak Audio does not host its own shows here (that may come in the future), here are a list of links to different audio drama groups Crooked Beak Audio is working with or highly recommends for your work/listening pleasure:

Broken Sea Audio Productions : Numerous shows, fan-fiction and original. Had been quiet but is awakening to the sound of new shows.

Circus-13 Productions: Multiple show, lots of fan-fiction. Well run by Timm the Jester Gillick.

Gypsy Audio: LOTS of different things to suit your taste. Well worth the time to make the stroll.

Pendant Audio Productions: Lots of good original shows

Audiotainment News: News about different audio groups. A great resource.

Resonant Moon Audiobook Solutions: If you have a book you want done into audio format contact them!