Crooked Beak Audio – What We Do

Crooked Beak Audio exists to be an outlet and resource for aspiring audio drama writers, voice actors, and engineers. It is also the outlet for audio drama work of the owner of Crooked Beak Audio (Alan Spencer). What we do:

  • Write scripts (multiple genres) for use with your production group.
  • Create new shows for use with your audio drama production group.
  • Engineering your audio drama for broadcast.
  • Voice Acting (VA).
  • Introduce aspiring writers, voice actors, and engineers to audio drama production groups.
  • Tools/Tips for aspiring writers writing specifically for audio dramas.
  • Tools/Tips for aspiring engineers/mixers for audio dramas.

For a list of works (performed, in production, in process) by Crooked Beak Audio (or Alan Spencer) see the List of Works page.